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Camp FAQ

What families are asking us most

Will lunch be included?

Due to allergies and dietary restrictions, we request all parents pack daily a healthy, labelled nut-free lunch and two snacks for their child on each day of the camp. 

What is the guardian to camper ratio?

We strive to keep our Camp Guardian to Camper ratio 1:8. This means most days we’ll have 16 campers and two certified and experienced Camp Guardians.

Who is leading the camp?

Camp Guardians whom will lead the daily activities are comprised of certified BC teachers and experienced childcare providers. Additional support staff will include responsible adults and/or parent volunteers.

Can my five year old attend?

Yes, well, kind of. Your child must be age 6 by December 31, 2019 to attend.  

Who is this for?

We created this camp in 2019 to serve the immediate needs of the Vancouver Waldorf parent community. However, we are accepting all applicants to our camp if space is available.